Legal Consulting Community Ltd.

We help our multi-national Client's with A to Z of business set-up in the AIFC
Why Legal Consulting Community Ltd.?
AIFC Business set up experts
AIFC Business set up experts

We project manages the A to Z of our Client's business set-up engagements

Client engagement approach
LCC Law Firm establishes what our Client wants to do and why, then we engineer legal, tailored solutions
Профессиональная команда
Client communication

LCC Law Firm has the highest standards of Client communication, supplying our Clients with detailed weekly engagements status updates  

Прозрачное ценообразование
Affordable Fees

All engagement fees are agreed and paid up front. Consequently, there are no hidden fees or surprises, or ambushes throughout the engagement

Комплексное сопровождение
Detailed Planning

All engagement deadlines are agreed upfront in the form of a detailed project plan, mapping out deliverables by week throughout the engagement term

Международный уровень
Without Client's travel
It is our objective to efficiently and effectively complete the engagement without our Client travelling
Advantages for business in AIFC
  • Tax incentives
    In the AIFC, your company can save up to 30% on taxes (no income tax of 20%, income tax of foreign employees of 10%)
  • Flexible currency regime
    You will be able to carry out currency transactions in the AIFC without lengthy verification by banks
  • Effective dispute resolution
    Commercial disputes in the AIFC are resolved by English judges and (or) international arbitrators/mediators within the time required for effective dispute resolution
Options for doing business in the AIFC
Opening a branch office in the AIFC
Opening a branch office in the AIFC for any foreign or Kazakhstan company
Incorporation in the AIFC of a new company
Incorporation in the AIFC of a new company, operating in the field of finance, ancillary services or other commercial activities
Our Licence
About Us
Our team is represented by experienced professionals, who practice in business and law in Kazakhstan and AIFC, Russia, Belgium, France, and other foreign countries
Anton Didikin
Founder and CEO
Ph.D. in Law
Member of the British-Kazakh Law Society, member of the AIFC Register of Legal Advisers, member of the Association of Independent Directors of Kazakhstan, member of the Astana Chamber of Legal Advisers, lecturer at the AIFC Academy of Law.
"To become and stay the №1 Law firm for Clients in the jurisdictions of the "Astana" International Financial Center (AIFC) and Kazakhstan".
  • Yerlan M.
    LL.M., Ph.D. candidate in Law
    Deputy Director and head of the office.
    Lawyer, more than 5 years of experience.
  • Marc Ussenov
    Master's Degree in Economics and Management
    Deputy Director for Business Development.
    Business advisor, over 25 years of professional experience in Kazakhstan, Belgium and France
  • Meirlan Uakitov
    Legal assistant.
    Graduate of KAZGUU University
  • Adilkhan Ildebayev
    Legal assistant.
    Graduate of KAZGUU University
  • Anastasia Alferova
    LL.M Law and Technology
    Lawyer, more than 9 years of experience.
Our partners
We work with specialists from all over the world and express our gratitude to the existing partners and will be glad to expand cooperation
  • Boris Lev
    Lawyer, Director of the law firm Levpart, Israel.
  • Diana Tretyakova
    Ph.D., Lawyer, Alanya, Turkey
  • Ainura Chekirova
    Advisor to the President of the Central Asia Free Economic Zone Development Corporation, Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan
  • Aleksandr Volvak
    Member of the Mediation Committee of the National Bar Association of Ukraine, Member of the Board of the All-Ukrainian Professional Union of Advocates of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Sergi Jorbenadze
    Lawyer, Managing Partner "JMG & Partners", Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Julia Petras
    Consultant in business management, company management, wealth management, with more than 15 years' experience in Switzerland
  • Vitaly Ogleznev
    PhD, lawyer, business consultant, Germany.

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Legal Consulting Community Limited
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Address in Astana Kazakhstan:
Kazakhstan, Astana, Zhenis Avenue 1, TD Arman, office 29.

Anton Didikin

Contact persons:
Yerlan M.
Phone number: +7-700-270-40-69

Marc Ussenov
Phone number: +7-708-685-12-23
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00